For travelers heading to Croatia this summer, vacations have gotten much easier to manage as the tourism board announced that all remaining pandemic entry restrictions have been dropped.

Following similar measures in other Mediterranean countries like Greece and Cyprus, Croatia has eliminated domestic restrictions and entry rules like the requirement to complete a passenger locator form and to present proof of vaccination or recovery at the borders.

The measures had been in place until April 30 and the government announced this week that they had decided not to extend them. 

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“All travelers entering Croatia can now do so under the same conditions of entry that were in force before the COVID19 pandemic, i.e. with valid travel documents,” the Croatian National Tourism Board said on Tuesday.

Croatia also did away with the mask mandate. Now it's only required to enter healthcare facilities.

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There’s now little sign life was ever curtailed in Croatia over the past two years as domestic measures have been dropped too. Hospitality venues are open and operating at full capacity, festivals have returned, and beaches and museums are already welcoming steady streams of visitors even though the tourism season has yet to get into full swing.

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"With a number of new hotels, restaurants, and events confirmed for this summer, Croatia is set for a strong season ahead," Darija Reic, director of the tourist board’s office in the UK, said in a statement.

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This article was first published Apr 7, 2021 and updated May 4, 2022.

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