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Namibia posesses some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa, and a trip through the country is one of the great road adventures. Natural wonders such as that mighty gash in the earth at Fish River Canyon and the wildlife utopia of Etosha National Park enthrall, but it’s the lonely desert roads where mighty slabs of granite rise out of swirling desert sands that will sear themselves in your mind. It’s like a... Read More

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Delta & Falls Overland (Westbound)

Feel the splash of the Okavango Delta from a dugout "mokoro" canoe and the mists of majestic Victoria Falls – described by the local Kololo people as "the smoke that thunders." Experience the colours, culture, and scenery of Zambia, Botswana, and Namibia on this well-packed nine-day adventure. Meet the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert and the elephants of Chobe National Park. With a knowledgeable CEO leading the way, travel aboard our overland adventure vehicle (OAV) is well paced and wilderness camping will keep you in the thick of the action. Prepare yourself for an utterly unique African experience.

$1799 Small group tours

Delta & Falls Discoverer

Journey from Zambia and Botswana and across Namibia on a classic African adventure that includes the elephants of Chobe National Park and the mists of thundering Victoria Falls. Meet San Bushmen in the blazing Kalahari and explore the Okavango Delta by dug-out mokoro canoe. With a knowledgeable CEO ensuring your accommodation provides the most authentic travel experience possible, you’ll overnight in bushmen huts and tents for an utterly unique experience. This tour is the trip of a lifetime.

$449 Small group tours

5-Day Etosha National Park on a Budget Tour from Windhoek

Short tour of Etosha National Park.Budget tour is for the saving conscientious and perfect for groups. Accommodation is in tents. Meals are from local pizzerias, excellent local hamburgers (natural grazing animals) and takeaways (takeouts). Day 1 and Day 5 in Windhoek is same accommodation establishment.

$5880 Small group tours

5-Day Exclusive Namibia Tour from Windhoek

Exquisite facilities, u

$1920 Small group tours

5-Day Family Friendly Tour of Etosha from Windhoek


$3609 Small group tours

5-Day Luxury Tour of Etosha National Park from Windhoek

Ideal for couples,