Welcome to Namibia, one of the world’s newest countries and one of its least densely populated.

With its dramatic and varied topography, Atlantic coastline, fascinating wildlife and ancient desert, it's an ideal vacation location for travelers seeking something different.

To support a well-established tourism industry, the Namibian government has made entry into the country as hassle-free as possible.

Many nationalities do not require visas for shorter visits, including citizens of most countries in southern Africa, many European countries, the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Visitors who do require a visa can generally apply for one on arrival or in advance through Namibian consulates or the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs.

Read on for more about Namibia’s visa requirements, including information on visa types, costs and how to apply for one.

What you need to know about visas in Namibia

Citizens of more than 50 countries can enter Namibia for up to 90 days without a tourist visa or for almost any other purpose except employment. For a complete listing of visa-exempt countries and general visa information, check the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs' helpful visa page and the website for the Namibian High Commission in the UK.

On arrival in Namibia, you will receive a free Visitor's Entry Permit stamped into your passport. The maximum possible validity is 90 days, but these permits are often issued for shorter periods. Before leaving the immigration area, it's essential to be sure that the date entered into your passport corresponds to the duration of your planned visit.

Travelers from countries not on Namibia’s visa-exempt list can apply for a visa on arrival (approximately US$50 for a single-entry visa valid for three months) at Hosea Kutako International Airport in Windhoek.

Alternatively, you can apply for a visa through the Namibian embassy in your home country – allow up to two weeks for processing. The Namibia Ministry of Home Affairs website has downloadable visa application forms. 

Whether you are visa-exempt or not, check that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your arrival date in Namibia and has at least three blank endorsement pages.

Two Children Running Down The Sand Dunes in Sossusvlei Namibia
Children under the age of 18 traveling to Namibia need to bring a copy of their birth certificate © JurgaR / Getty Images

Traveling to Namibia with children

Namibia is a fun family travel destination. If you are traveling with children under 18, you must carry a certified copy of each child’s original birth certificate. If children are traveling with only one parent, you’ll also need to have certified consent from the other parent or proof of sole custody.

Families with adopted children should carry certified copies of adoption certificates or other legal evidence of guardianship. These regulations have been enacted in Namibia and elsewhere in southern Africa to prevent child trafficking, and document checks are carried out with some regularity.

Is it possible to extend your stay in Namibia?

It might happen that Namibia’s fresh air, soaring dunes and clear skies will hook you in, and you’ll want to extend your stay. If so, you can apply for a visa extension (approximately US$40) at the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs in Windhoek as long as you have not exceeded 90 days in the country.

However, keep in mind that these extension requests are not routinely granted. It’s better to anticipate your maximum desired stay at the outset when you initially enter the country.

A group of tourists watching elephants drink at a watering hole in Namibia
Stay a little longer to appreciate Namibia's beauty on a Digital Nomad Visa © Getty Images

Can I get a visa to work in Namibia?

Namibia does not currently offer working holiday visas. Applications for work visas (for short-term employment of up to six months) and employment permits (for longer-term employment of more than six months) should be made via the Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs website well in advance of your planned arrival. However, Namibia does offer a Digital Nomad Visa for stays of up to six months.

This article was first published September 2022 and updated October 2023

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