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From food to architecture, Singapore celebrates its melting pot of cultures, giving it a spark that makes it one of Asia's top destinations.


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Best Things to Do

From the best places to eat to the ultimate tourist hot spots, here are the top experiences in Singapore.

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Things to Know

Here's what you need to know about health, safety and etiquette before traveling to Singapore.

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Get around like a local in Singapore with this guide to its extensive public transport system.

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Visa Requirements

Find out whether you need a visa to visit Singapore, what types of visas are available the visa rules for trouble-free travel.

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Money and Costs

While prices in Singapore are akin to most other major international cities, there are plenty of ways to explore Singapore without breaking the bank.

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Traveling with Kids

With its tropical climate, top-notch infrastructure, abundant green spaces and awesome child-friendly attractions, Singapore is a top destination for kids.

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Best Road Trips

You may think fun-sized Singapore wouldn't have road trips but you'd be wrong. Live your F1 dreams on one of our 5 favorite road trips in Lion City.

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Budget Travel

How to visit Singapore on a budget

Sep 30, 2023 • 5 min read

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