The Independence Square of Accra, Ghana, inscribed with the words "Freedom and Justice, AD 1957", commemorates the independence of Ghana, a first for Sub Saharan Africa. It contains monuments to Ghana's independence struggle, including the Independence Arch, Black Star Square, and the Liberation Day Monument.
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Suffused with the most incredible energy, Ghana is one of Africa's biggest attractions, with welcoming beaches, gorgeous hinterland, diverse wildlife and vibrant cities.

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Be amazed by Ghana's history, nature and culture. Here are the top experiences to seek out in this enchanting West African country.

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Getting around Ghana can be tricky if you don't have some insider tips to help you along the way. Here's our guide to navigating this stunning country.

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Before you dive into Ghana's warm tropical waters, you may well need a visa. Here's how you go about getting one.

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The gorgeous Ghanian countryside may look like a million dollars but you don't need to break the bank to vacation there. Here's how to do it on a budget.

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