City of Dubrovnik

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A sense of awe will descend when you see the beauty of Dubrovnik's old town, with its ancient city walls, baroque buildings and the shimmer of the Adriatic.

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Things to Know

Don't take your coffee to go, avoid PDA and other tips for first-time travelers to Dubrovnik.

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Best Neighborhoods

From sightseeing in the Old Town to the modern waterfront hotels of Lapad, these are the 6 best neighborhoods in Dubrovnik to stay, play and explore.

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Day Trips

Hang on? You want to leave Dubrovnik? Try one of these amazing day trips.

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Money and Costs

Do more. Spend less. How to visit Dubrovnik without going broke.

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Tucked between Mt Srđ and the sea, Dubrovnik scores highly for its stunning natural setting. Here are the best ways to get around the Pearl of the Adriatic.

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Free Things to Do

Some of the best things to do in Dubrovnik are completely free.

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Latest stories from Dubrovnik

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Sustainable Travel

Is Dubrovnik banning wheelie suitcases from its Old Town?

Jun 30, 2023 • 2 min read


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