Spain, Madrid..A view of  La Plaza Mayor square in Madrid where there were a group of tourists riding bicycles. The Plaza Mayor square is one of the most famous squares in the town and located in the city center. People walk and cycle through the streets.The Plaza Mayor (Main Square) was built during Philip III's reign (1598–1621).

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Madrid has excellent art museums, phenomenal food, enormous parks and Europe’s largest palace, but its inclusive atmosphere is what really makes the city soar.


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Things to Know

Everything you need to know ahead of your trip, from how many days to spend in town to the best ways to get around.

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Best Neighborhoods

Each of Madrid's vibrant neighborhoods has a distinct character. These are the best barrios to explore.

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Day Trips

Visit beautiful villages, Roman ruins and walled cities on these day trips beyond Madrid.

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Money and Costs

Make the most of your trip to the Spanish capital with these savvy spending tips.

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Commuter-friendly Madrid has a great public transportation network to get travelers around the city and its surrounding towns.

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Free Things to Do

The Spanish capital is a city of fine food and rich culture, but costs can mount up quickly. Here's our guide to the best free things to do in Madrid.

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Traveling with Kids

With amusement parks, playgrounds and a laid-back dining culture, Madrid is a family-friendly holiday destination.

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Spending Diaries

How to book accommodation, take in museums and eat very well in the Spanish capital for under €500.

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