National Botanic Gardens in Dublin.

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A small capital with a huge reputation and a cosmopolitan outlook, Dublin has a mix of heritage and hedonism that will not disappoint.


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Things to Know

These local tips on packing, transport and pub etiquette can help you plan the perfect visit to Dublin.

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Best Neighborhoods

Get to know Dublin one neighborhood at a time with this guide.

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Day Trips

Dublin has plenty to keep you busy and entertained, but it's worth exploring beyond the city center with these top day trips.

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Money and Costs

Sure, Dublin can be pricey – but that doesn't mean you have to spend every last cent to see its best bits. Explore Dublin on a budget with our tips.

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With its small size, flat terrain and range of public transport options, getting around Dublin is easy. Here are the best ways to travel in Dublin city.

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Free Things to Do

Museums, nature walks, parks and people-watching: here’s the best of Dublin for free.

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Traveling with Kids

Find the perfect family activities in Dublin with our guide to kid-friendly experiences.

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5 Shops

These top independent retailers in the Irish capital offer intriguing fashions, unexpected books, locally made groceries and more.

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