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Destination Practicalities

Do I need a visa to visit Ecuador?

4 min readPublished Jan 5, 2022

Most foreign visitors to Ecuador receive 90-day tourist visas on arrival, but here are guidelines for visa extensions, work visas and other situations.

The Cuyabeno national park is considered to be a sanctuary of wild life and includes areas of the highest value for the conservation of the biodiversity, not only of equator, but of the world. Here can be find the biggest lacustrine tropical systems of the country: the Cuyabeno river and the Lagarto river.

Ecuador's best national parks are wild wonderlands

7 min readPublished Jan 4, 2022

The Galápagos Islands may steal the show, but Ecuador is blessed with a full hand of national parks and protected reserves. Here's our pick of the best.

Girl taking a picture of the famous Pinnacle Rock

The best places to visit in Ecuador, from blissful beaches to towering volcanoes

7 min readPublished Jan 3, 2022

Many of South America’s greatest hits can be found in Ecuador – from Andean peaks and the Amazon to tropical beaches. Here are the best places to visit.

Vacquero on Horseback in Cotopaxi National Park
Public Transport

Getting around Ecuador by road, rail and plane

5 min readPublished Dec 20, 2021

The rugged Andes and tracts of impenetrable rainforest present formidable barriers to overland exploring in Ecuador. Here are the best ways to get around.

A female dancer with a yellow scarf on the street in Quito, Ecuador
Road Trips

Ecuador's best road trips: Volcanoes, rainforest and the Pacific coast

4 min readPublished Dec 13, 2021

Explore Ecuador’s rainforests, mountains, volcanoes and beautiful Pacific coastline through five of its best road trips.

View of Imbabura volcano, city of Ibarra and Otavalo valley