The German Historical Museum (German: Deutsches Historisches Museum)

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Berlin's combo of glamour and grit is bound to mesmerise all those keen to explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, intense parties and tangible history.

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Things to Know

Berlin is one of the most vibrant, fun and welcoming cities in Europe. These insider tips will make your first visit the best it can be.

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Best Neighborhoods

A modern multicultural city, Berlin has cool hipster vibes by day and an incredible nightlife when the sun goes down

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Day Trips

Forest walks, cycling routes, dips in the lake, historic sites and much more are all within easy reach of Berlin – and sometimes even within the city limits.

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Money and Costs

Even though Berlin is an incredible city with lots to offer, its attractions don't cost the earth. Here's how to visit Berlin on a budget.

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It can seem intimidating at first, but getting around Berlin is quick, efficient and relatively cheap. Here's our guide to transport in the German capital.

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Free Things to Do

From panoramic vistas and sinister museums to hidden street art, here are all the excellent free things to do and places to go in Berlin.

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Traveling with Kids

From street festivals to beer gardens, Berlin’s bohemian attitude makes traveling with family and kids incredibly fun and stress-free.

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5 Shops

Germany’s capital is full of fabulous shops that you won’t find anywhere else.

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A group of friends walk  through a city street holding coffee cups.

Destination Practicalities

Berlin's best neighborhoods

Aug 29, 2023 • 6 min read


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