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Little Havana Small-Group Walking Tour

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Green Grotto Caves Excursion from Kingston

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Green Grotto Caves Excursion from Falmouth

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Saona island "Natural Paradise"

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Strategic Missile Forces Museum Private Tour

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I went to Cuba after it reopened - here’s what you need to know

8 min readPublished Oct 27, 2020

Travel writer Brendan Sainsbury is an expert on travel to Cuba. This is his first time returning since the global pandemic began.

December 2015: A Cuban flag hangs over a busy street in Central Havana.
Art and culture

Why female Cuban professionals are leaving their careers to become artists

5 min readPublished Jun 16, 2020

For decades, Cuba's female professionals have been redefining the country's art scene and exploring new avenues for income.

Mary, the mother-in-law of Ciclo's founder, making event programs from recycled paper

Virtual Vacation: Cuba

4 min readPublished May 7, 2020

Whether it's the fluid movements of salsa dancers, the blare of a trumpet or the waft of cigar smoke in the air, Cuba is a country that lingers in the mind.

Havana musical sunset

Cuba's classic cars: your ticket to ride

5 min readPublished Oct 23, 2019

Offering a vivid reflection of Cuba’s dusty timewarp image, classic cars have also become a popular tourist attraction. Here is your ticket to ride in one.

You’ll struggle to find any American cars under the age of 60 in cities such as Havana or Santiago de Cuba © Atomazul / Shutterstock
Adventure travel

Everything you need to know about traveling legally to Cuba

7 min readPublished Sep 3, 2019

Despite a well-publicized announcement by the Trump administration in June 2019, it is still relatively easy for Americans to travel legally to Cuba.

Though it will require some extra work, Americans can still travel to Cuba © Getty Images