Rear view of a man walking down to a beach on Fourni Island, Greece.

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Greece is ancient sun-bleached ruins piercing blue skies, the balmy Aegean lapping an endless coastline and a culture alive with passionate music, wonderful cuisine and thrill-seeking activities.


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Best Things to Do

From diving to the bottom of the sea to hiking to waterfalls, here are the top things to do in Halkidiki.

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Things to Know

These local tips can help you prepare for the perfect trip to Greece.

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If you're wondering how to navigate your way around the Greek mainland and islands, here's the scoop on flights, ferries, driving, buses, trains and more.

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Visa Requirements

Greece is an incredible destination – don't let a fear of admin stop you from getting there. Here's everything you need to know about visas for Greece.

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Money and Costs

How to save money on a trip to Greece with cheap flights, ferries, trains and buses plus how to get the best deal on hotels, food and drinks.

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Traveling with Kids

Greece is a wonderful family-friendly destination and the locals adore kids. Here's everything you need to know to make your family vacation perfect.

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Best Road Trips

Greece is meant for exploring, and not just by ferry. When you travel by motor vehicle, there's a wealth of history, culture and, yes, beaches to savor. 

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Discover where local travel writers vacation in Greece

Sep 25, 2023 • 4 min read


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