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First, the drawbacks: Cairo’s crowds make Manhattan look like a ghost town, papyrus sellers and would-be guides hound you at every turn, and your snot will run black from the smog... Read More

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$249 History & culture

Alexandria Independent Adventure

Delve into legendary Alexandria, Egypt's capital for a millennium and once home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Wander the Roman amphitheatres, palaces and catacombs of Egypt's gateway to the Mediterranean. Starting from Cairo, spend a day and a half exploring Alexandria's Greek, Roman and Byzantine history in one of the greatest cities of the Hellenic world. And with a top-notch CEO from door to door, you'll know you're in good hands the whole time.

$351 Small group tours

Private Overnight White Desert and Bahariya Oasis Tour

Travel to a place where you can forget the cares of everyday life, relax, rest and renew your self, explore the majesty of the desert. Enjoy 2 days of wonderful sights and experiences that you can use all your five senses to explore. Travel back in time and place to a range of deserts full of unique features. This overnight Trip to Bahariya & White Desert will be with your own private guide. Spend a night under the stars in the desert. Be assured that all transportation is of the highest quality, air conditioned and has seat belts.

$84.50 Small group tours

Cairo Highlights: 2-Day Guided Tour including Camel Ride

This two day tour in Cairo covers all the famous sightseeing that the region has to offer. Discover the famous places in Cairo such as the Pyramids of Giza, Sakkara area and Dahsur, Egyptian museum, Mosque of Mohamed Ali pasha, Coptic Cairo and Khan el-Khalil Market.

$169 Small group tours

Cairo Highlights: 3-Day Guided Tour with Dinner Cruise and Camel Ride

Discover Cairo and Alexandria on this three-day guided tour. You'll visit the Giza pyramids and Sphinx, enjoy a 30 minute camel ride, head to Sakkara to see the step pyramids and get to explore some tombs. Also enjoy the unique opportunity to discover Cairo city and see the Egyptian museum, mosque of Mohamed ali pasha, Coptic Cairo and Khan el-Kahlil market. Your last day will be spent in Alexandria, which is the most famous second city in Egypt after Cairo.

$625 Small group tours

9-Day Nile Adventure Tour with Sleeper Train to Aswan from Cairo

Get the perfect introduction to Egypt, the land of pharaohs, pyramids, temples and the Nile River. This tour explores the old country where the Nile River is viewable from the Mediterranean Sea to Sudan. Experience Egypt from A to Z in just 9 days, including visits to amazing temples and pyramids with a stay under the stars on the Nile River.

$300 Small group tours

Overnight Trip To Cairo from Alexandria Port

Head to Cairo from Alexandria Port to explore Cairo on an overnight visit. Explore the famous Giza Pyramids and Saqqara on the first day, and the Egyptian Museum, the Mosque of Mohamed Ali Pasha and the bazaar on your second day, before returning to Alexandria port.