Woded road in Havana-Siboney area

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On first impressions, Havana can seem like a confusing jigsaw puzzle, but work out how to put the pieces together and a beautiful picture emerges.


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Things to Know

For all its tropical charms, Havana isn’t the world’s most straightforward city. Here's what you need to know before you come to Cuba's colorful capital.

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Best Neighborhoods

Get to know Havana by diving into its neighborhoods. To find out what makes the city tick, visit at least three of the neighborhoods on our list.

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Day Trips

With so many great options just a couple of hours away, Havana is the perfect base in Cuba for day trips filled with adventure.

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Money and Costs

Want to know how to make your money last in Havana? Here are some insider tips for visiting on a budget.

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From old American cars and bicycle rickshaws to articulated buses, here's our guide to navigating your way around the Cuban capital.

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Free Things to Do

Experiencing all the incredible things Havana has to offer doesn't have to empty your wallet. Here are the best free things to do in Cuba's capital city.

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Cuban girl walking down street in Havana, exploring the city with curiosity

Budget Travel

Havana on a budget: how to stretch your money in the Cuban capital

Apr 14, 2023 • 8 min read

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