A tourist admiring the beautiful stained glass windows along a corridor inside Chapultepec Castle.

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Mexico City

A high-octane megalopolis boasting old-school cantinas, intriguing museums, inspired dining and boating along ancient canals, Mexico City is the sun in the Mexican solar system.


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Things to Know

Be a better traveler with this guide to health, safety and etiquette in Mexico City.

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Best Neighborhoods

Location is everything in Mexico City, and we've put together a list of the best neighborhoods that are easily walkable and full of charm and character.

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Day Trips

While there is plenty to keep you busy in Mexico City, the central region of Mexico is filled with pueblos mágicos that are well worth your time. 

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Money and Costs

If you want to visit Mexico City but have a tight budget, these practical travel, accommodation, and going-out tips have got you covered.

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Whether it's cycling, tackling the sprawling subway, or crossing the city by cable car, here is how to navigate Mexico's mighty capital.

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Free Things to Do

Stretch your pesos even further with our round up of the best free things to do in Mexico City.

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Traveling with Kids

Heading to Mexico City with your kids? Check out these top family-friendly activities and tips for planning your trip.

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Spending Diaries

A detailed diary of how to book accommodation, take in superb museums and eat very well in the Mexican capital for under $500.

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