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It's a cliché to say good things come in small packages, but with Belize it just feels right. No bigger than New Hampshire or Israel, Belize doesn't quite fit the mold of Latin America or the Caribbean, but proudly considers itself both. I love the low-key nature of its people and the seamless mix of cultures – Belizean, Creole, mestizo, Garifuna, Maya and even expat. I love the fact that you can be snorkeling on the... Read More

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Belize & Tikal Adventure

Follow in the footsteps of Mayan warriors to lost cities cloaked in jungle mists. This adventure offers an intriguing mix of ruins, beaches, wildlife and the rich cultures of Belize and Guatemala. It's a perfect blend of activity and relaxation—canoe deep in the jungle and snorkel crystal-clear turquoise-blue waters before easing into the laid back Belizean lifestyle while sipping on a rum cocktail. As pioneers of canoeing in the region, we are pleased to offer this Classic trip—one you won’t find anywhere else.

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Belize River Canoeing from San Ignacio

Experience one of Belize’s most important rivers — the Belize River — on a canoeing trip from San Ignacio. With an experienced guide, float with the current, starting near the origin point where the Mopan River and Macal River meet right outside San Ignacio. You’ll experience Belize’s lush tropical environment and see local wildlife like monkeys, iguanas, toucans and parrots. It’s a fun and family-friendly way to get out and explore a piece of Belize! The launch point for your Belize River canoeing trip is just outside of town, so after pickup in the morning from your San Ignacio hotel, your adventure will begin almost right away! A brief safety introduction will start things off before you hop into your canoe and set off down the river; each canoe holds two to three people. The Belize River flows for approximately 180 miles (290 km), from its origin where the Mopan and Macal rivers meet at San Ignacio to its emptying point at the Caribbean Sea. Following your experienced guide, paddle just a small stretch of the river for three to four hours, depending on the daily conditions and how many breaks your group wishes to make. As you float down the river, experience the same method of travel that ancient traders did when they used the river to shuttle goods between Mayan cities. Keep your eyes open for animals that live in and around the river, including howler monkeys, iguanas, keel-billed toucans (Belize’s national bird), herons, parrots and parakeets. You’ll also see native plant life like bromeliads and orchids. When you reach the end point of your canoeing tour, you’ll be returned to your hotel in San Ignacio.

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Mayan Discovery

Mayan ruins peeking out from verdant jungle, street vendors hawking their wares on colonial streets, pristine white-sand beaches sparkling under the Caribbean sun—now this is the real Yucatán. On this unique 15-day journey, you’ll tour the ruins at Chichén Itzá and Palenque, and head deep into the jungle of Guatemala to experience the ruins of Tikal. You're free to choose your own adventure! So escape the resort packages and witness all the incredible wilderness, wildlife and Mayan culture—past and present—that you can imagine.

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Lamanai and the New River Safari in Belize

Discover ancient Mayan architecture on an excursion through Belize's exotic landscapes. You'll enjoy stunning views and spot diverse wildlife as you make your way to the Lamanai ruins, one of the most famous sights in Belize. Accessible only by water and a brief hike, this adventure is fun for the whole family.A 45-minute drive up the Northern Highway, passing through villages and lowlands with many bird species, brings you to Tower Hill, where you'll board a riverboat and head up the New River.While traversing the many creeks and lagoons, you may spot birdlife including hawks, kites and falcons. The river is lined with hardwood trees, orchids and bromeliads, and you might see dainty wading birds called jacanas lightly walking on lily pads while elusive crocodiles bask in the morning sunlight.At the entrance to the New River Lagoon, the ruins of Lamanai (Mayan for submerged crocodile) rise into view. Once at the site you'll tour the small museum which features many ancient relics found at Lamanai.You'll then embark on a 1.5-mile (2.5km) jungle hike to visit the Temple of the Mask, one of the tallest Mayan pyramids; the stucco mask of the Sun God "Kinich Ahau"; an elaborate carved stellae; and the Temple of the Jaguar Masks. These impressive sites appear to materialize out of the rainforest amid the chatter of birds and the haunting call of the howler monkeys.Your guide will point out the copal and ramon trees, which were of great importance in ancient times. For the jungle hike you will need insect repellent and sturdy walking shoes.At the end of the tour you'll have lunch under thatched palapas near the lagoon's edge. After lunch, free time is available for more sightseeing in the rainforest.

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Explore Guatemala & Belize

Embark on a 17-day adventure that's packed with jungle and coastal adventure in Guatemala and Belize. Roam among the Mayan ruins at Tikal and swim off Belize’s islands and atolls. Hike across the foot of a volcano outside Antigua and sail between remote lakeside communities on Guatemala’s Lake Atitlán. Everyone's got an inner explorer; connect with yours in this exciting part of the world.

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7-Day All Inclusive Tour from Belize City

Enjoy this 7-day all-inclusive tour and get ready for a holiday full of activities, culture and a lot of fun!