Sasha Brady

Sasha Brady

Dublin, Ireland

About Sasha

I'm a Dublin-based writer and digital editor for Lonely Planet, where I've been part of the team since 2018. 

Growing up in a family scattered around the world sparked a lifelong love of travel. There was always someone to visit somewhere. While my travels have taken me across Latin America, Australia and Europe, it's always the anticipation of the next adventure that excites me the most. My approach to travel is all about experiencing a place as locals do, delving into its culture through its music, literature, cuisine, art, history and architecture.

Upon arriving in a new place, you'll invariably find me pursuing local grocery stores or food/flea markets – these are my treasure troves, where I could happily lose track of time. I have a penchant for collecting glasses and ceramics, but my most cherished souvenirs are the stories shared by the people I meet and the experiences I encounter. These serve as my constant motivation to keep exploring because there's always more to learn.


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