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Imagine the audacity of building a city of marble palaces on a lagoon – and that was only the start.


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Things to Know

From how to dress to which boat to take, everything you need to know for your trip to Venice.

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Best Neighborhoods

The best neighborhoods to stay, play and explore in Venice.

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Day Trips

From Lake Garda to Verona, and further afield to Ferrara and Trieste, here are 12 of the best day trips to take by train from Venice.

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Money and Costs

Despite a reputation as a playground for the world’s rich, Venice can be surprisingly affordable. Here's how.

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Navigating a city that is slowly sinking can be daunting but we've got all the info you need on how to get around Venice.

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Free Things to Do

Save some money on your Venice vacation with these top free experiences.

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Traveling with Kids

Car-free, packed with sights (and gelato shops), children of every age will love Venice. Just be mindful of your toddler by those canals.

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05 April 2024, Italy, Venedig: A card with the calendar for the first days of the entrance fee for Venice, held up on St. Mark's Square in front of the Campanile. Photo: Christoph Sator/dpa (Photo by Christoph Sator/picture alliance via Getty Images)
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Venice launches its experimental entry fee today. Here's what visitors need to know

Apr 25, 2024 • 5 min read

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