Why I love Goa

My first visit to Goa, in the late '90s, was also my first visit to India. After travelling overland from Delhi through central India and Mumbai, Goa – with its beaches, all-night parties and laid-back tropical vibe – was a blissful surprise. I've been back numerous times and while some things may have changed, the essence remains the same. I love hanging around by the beach, cruising through impossibly green... Read More

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Northern India & Rajasthan to Goa by Rail

Hop aboard for a different look at this dynamic country’s northern region before turning south ending up at the ever-popular coastal town of Goa. On this trip, you’ll explore the temples, shrines and tombs – including the legendary Taj Mahal – while absorbing the rich culture and vibrant daily life of this exciting country. Experiences like the India-Pakistan Wagah border ceremony and Dalai Lama sights in Dharamsala get you in touch with the spiritual side of India. The colours of Rajasthan, bustle of Mumbai and beaches of Goa will stay with you long after you catch that flight home.

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3-Night Luxury Vacation In Goa

There is a famous saying among the party and beach lovers in India - "When you gotta goa, you gotta GOA!" Book this 3-night luxury vacation in Goa to and you will be welcomed to the "Miami of India"! Swaying palms, white sands and sparkling waters; all these together with an amazing party loving crowd, make Goa one of the most happening tourist destination of India. In 2010, there were more than 2 million tourists reported to have visited Goa, about 1.2 million of whom were from abroad. Goa also stands 6th in Top 10 Nightlife cities in the world as per National Geographic.

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Southern India & Karnataka by Rail

As a country, India is so vast that sometimes it takes a couple visits in order to see as much of it as possible. Knock the less-explored southern region of Karnataka off the list right away. Over ten days’ time, you’ll take the train from Goa to Kochi via Karnataka and have the chance to see the breathtaking ruins of Hampi – a true highlight of the journey. Even more memorable moments await in Mysore and Madikeri as you explore opulent palaces and a coffee plantation. Hop on board and get ready for the ride of your life.

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Kolkata to Goa by Rail

This trip is a cornerstone of our Rail offerings, and for good reason. Hop aboard and get just as much of an Indian education and adventure as you would with a traditional tour, but with a unique look at the country via rail. From touring the Taj Mahal to enjoying a local lunch in Kalimpong to visiting the seaside town of Goa, this train trip hits many of India’s highlights with plenty of time to disembark and get to know your surroundings. If you need an escape from the everyday, India is the perfect destination. Come aboard and explore it.

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West Coast India & Rajasthan by Rail

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to travel like a local in India? We’ll put you on a train to explore the west coast of the country (just like the natives do!) over 12 days. After you experience the Taj Mahal, visit the colourful Rajasthani streets of Jaipur and Udaipur. Relax on the beach in Goa and indulge in fresh seafood right from the coast. This train trip is sure to be a classic – get there first.

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Uncover India–Delhi to Goa

For travellers on a budget who are after an experience full of the very best India has to offer, this tour showcases man-made wonders and natural marvels without missing its most famous cities and sights. From the shining marble of the Taj Mahal and the sparkling shores of Goa, to Rajasthan’s colourful forts and temples, connect with the culture and spirit of this incredible land. Our expert CEOs will take the hassle out of planning but leave you free to choose sites that really shine, so you can encounter India the way you (and your wallet) like.