Turkey, Istanbul . Topkapi Palace, the Harem

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This magical meeting place straddling two continents has more top-notch attractions than it has minarets (and that's a lot).


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Best Neighborhoods

Explore the distinct neighborhoods of Istanbul with this guide to what to expect in each one.

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Day Trips

Tear yourself away from vibrant Istanbul and discover wonderful countryside and charming towns. Here are our 15 favorite day trips from Istanbul.

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Istanbul's scale and traffic jams can be daunting to travelers but the city's compact center and transport options make it a breeze if you're in the know.

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Free Things to Do

From mosques and markets to art galleries and monuments, some of Istanbul's best sites don't cost a thing.

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Istanbul the capital of Turkey, eastern tourist city.
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16 best things to do in Istanbul

Jun 27, 2024 • 11 min read

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