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Wild World

Madagascar is unique: 5% of all known animal and plant species can be found here, and here alone. The island's signature animal is the lemur of course, but there are many more weird and wonderful creatures: the eerie-looking fossa (a cat-like predator), colourful and camouflaged chameleons, oddly shaped insects, vivid frogs, graceful rays and turtles, several species of sharks, and humpback whales during the winter months. Trees and plants are just as impressive, be they the distinctively shaped baobabs, the fanning ravinala (travellers' palm), the hundreds of orchids or the spiny forests of the desert south.

Epic Landscapes

The remarkable fauna and flora is matched by epic landscapes of an incredible diversity: you can go from rainforest to desert in just 300km. Few places on Earth offer such an intense kaleidoscope of nature. There are sandstone canyons, limestone karsts, mountains, fertile hills cascading with terraced rice paddies, forests of every kind – rain, dry, spiny – and a laterite-rich soil that gave the country its nickname of 'Red Island'. With 5000km of coastline, the sea is never very far, turquoise and idyllic in places, dangerous in others.

Island Adventures

Making the best of Madagascar can be challenging (and expensive): it is the world’s fourth-largest island and its roads are dismal. For those who relish an adventure, however, this is a one-of-a-kind destination: the off-road driving is phenomenal, there are national parks that only see a few hundred visitors a year, regions that live in autarky during the rainy season and resorts so remote you’ll need a private plane or boat to get there. There are also more activities than you'll have time for: hiking, diving, mountain biking, kitesurfing, rock-climbing, you name it. Oh, and there are plenty of natural pools, beaches and hammocks on which to recover, too.

Cultural Insights

Madagascar has been populated by successive waves of migrants from various corners of the Indian Ocean. This cultural melting pot has evolved into an intricate set of beliefs and rituals that revere ancestors’ spirits. For travellers, attending a famadihana (traditional exhumation and reburial when relatives can communicate with their forebears) can be the highlight of a trip. There is much history to discover, too, from Antananarivo's sacred hills to the pirate history of Île Sainte Marie.

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$218 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Private Tour to Ampefy from Antananarivo

Day 1: Antananarivo - AmpefyMeet in the reception of your hotel between 8am and 8.30 am before departing to Ampefy which is located at 120km from the capital, in the rural commune of Itasy in Soavinandrina district and mostly the geographical center of Madagascar. It is a village perched on the edge of the Lily, which feeds a small crater lake. Two of the most famous sites you will get to visit on this tour are 'The Geyser' and 'The Lily Waterfall'. Many interesting sites are to be found in this region like the lake basin and its surrounding areas. You will discover also a volcanic landscape in this tour. Around 9.30 am you will be visiting Lemur Park which is a private reserve located at 25km from the capital, close to Katsaoka river and between Fenoarivo and Imerintsiatosika. You will find birds, medicinal plants, reptiles and mostly Lemurs (Black and white ruffed Lemur, Common brown Lemur, Coquerel’s Sifaka, Crowned Sifaka, Eastern Lesser Bamboo Lemur, Mongoose Lemur and Ring Tailed Lemur). After it you will continue to Ampefy. You will arrive in Ampefy at approx 12.30pm, and have the most delicious lunch at Eucalyptus hotel Around 2pm at afternoon relax at the famous waterfall - La Chute de La Lilly. 26m high, this waterfall comes from Itasy lake formed by ancient crater. The place was once called Antafofo. Its name was changed when a settler came to live at the scene and lost her daughter named Lily in the waterfall. This waterfall is has beautiful landscape not to be missed in while your stay in Madagascar.Back to the hotel at the end of the afternoon in Ampefy. Overnight: Eucalyptus hotel, AmpefyDay 2: Ampefy - AntananarivoAfter the breakfast the driver will pick you up and take you to marvelous place known as 'Geyser' which is located  22km from Ampefy, the region also includes Ampefy geysers. Geysers of Amparaky come from the artesian wells phenomenon, not volcanic geysers. The difference is essentially the fact that the expelled water is not very hot. You can hike around to discover the volcanic landscape of the region which is the prolific fruit trees. You will then enjoy lunch at the La Terasse or Chez Jacky Hotel restaurantAt 3.00 pm you will travel back to Antananarivo and will be dropped in your hotel at the end of afternoon.

$162 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Andasibe-Mantadia National Park Private Tour from Antananarivo

You will get picked up form the reception of your Antananarivo hotel on 8.00am where your tour will start and you'll head for Andasibe. This is the nearest National Park to Antananarivo, known as the Bezanozano's ethnic. Located 145km from the capital on the national road 2 to Toamasina (an old port). There is one private reserve, one special reserve and one national park here. You will be able to find there the biggest lemurs in Madagascar, the famous Indri and you will have the opportunity to get an idea of thee Malagasy lifestyle. Upon arrival on destination, you will have get a panoramic view of the green forest. Around 10.00 am you will have a private visit to Peyreras park which is located 75km from the capital in Marozevo. A small exotic reserve where you can see: chameleons, leaf tailed geckos, butterflies, lemurs. Your visit will take approx 45min. You will visit one of the practical insect and reptiles reserve owned by naturalist Andre Peyreras and follow up with Moramanga -  where you can stop visit local people at the open market, before continuing up to Andasibe where you will arrive at approx 12.30pm. Lunch at Vakona Hotel RestaurantAround 2pm the driver will take you to the private reserve of the hotel which is the home of different kinds of lemurs - including the famous Indri or Babakoto, crocodiles, the endemic carnivorous cat - called Fosa. The reserve belongs to the hotel Vakona Forest Lodge. You will begin your entry with the different reptiles and follow up with canoeing through the river before you join the different species of lemurs living in this private reserve.

$866.25 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Sambatra Magic Madagascar

From Antananarivo Airport you will take a 55 minute flight to Sainte Marie Island where a representative will meet you for a 15 minute pirogue ride to Sambatra Beach Lodge.The days spent on the island is totally at your leisure.Attractions on the island include:Pirate CemeteryWould you believe St Marie has one.ZooSmall but playing a part in educating the community with Madagascar’s local wild life, fauna and flora.Ile Aux Natte LighthousePay a small fee and see a breath-taking view of the entire southern reef.Reef SnorkellingDo this whenever, where ever, so many spots to choose from. Ile Aux Sable – Chartering out to 2 small sand bars where fishing and snorkeling are a must.Activities available at an extra cost include bike hire, diving, fishing, motor bike hire, explore Ile Aux Natte Island and Pirogue Trips.Laze on the beautiful white sand beaches, explore the island, snorkel in the crystal blue waters or sip cocktails at the beach bar.  It’s all up to you!After these incredible 5 nights on the Island, unfortunately it’s time to say goodbye.  I representative will escort you for your boat trip back to Sainte Marie Island and onward to Antananarivo Airport for your return flight home. 

$145.98 Cultural & Theme Tours

Antananarivo Tour with Lemur Park and Ambohimanga Palace

Departing Gare at 7:00 a.m., you will first make your way to "Tana", the most vivid and vibrant city in Madagascar.  Tana offers a kaleidoscope of ethnic foods, flavors, fashion, and is built on a hill overlooking the planes of the central rift of the island. Next, you are onward to Rova which looks out over the city below for a great viewpoint. Lake Anosy, the government and historical buildings, the president's house, and the central markets and antique train station of Tana intertwine with the San-Francisco-like hills and winding roads with faded French splendor and unique local architecture. In the afternoon you will drive more than an hour out of the city to visit Lemurs in the closest park to the city where you can see several species.  Along the way you will detour to Ambohimanga, palace of the queen of the old kingdoms of Madagascar. In the evening, return to your chosen hotel at approx 4 p.m.

$250 Cultural & Theme Tours

Sambava Day Tour of the Vanilla Coast and SAVA River Ride

Crossing in a metal dugout canoe to the mouth of Antsakajoa for the visit of the plantation Volamaitso. From the port to Antompahitra, we walk on foot where it is possible to see the coming and going of the local population whose main means of locomotion passes through the river. On the way back, crossed by motorcycle taxi from the coconut plantation Soavoanio, Madagascar's largest coconut plantation. Finally, a small canoe brings us back to Sambava.Sambava is known as the world capital of vanilla. As in all the island the majority of the habitants in Sambava  are farmers. To discover the route of the vanilla, the largest plantation is in the region of Bemarivo. While the world's largest coconut plantation is in Soavoanio.  INCLUDED IN THE RATE- Expenses for all means of transport (dugout, motorbike crossing, Sambava taxi)- Visiting rights to the Volamaitso plantation- Guidance fees and help bargaining with the farms if you wantNOT INCLUDED- Lunch and drinks

$200 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Cooking And Cuisine Tasting From Tana-Malagasy Fine Foodie Madagascar Tour

At 14h p.m, we begin of our course and preparation. We have fun preparing 3 plats: 2 courses for dinner, and the dessert. With our chef, we prepare Malagasy food, with ingredients not thrown together in quite this fashion in any other country in the world. We prepare all the dinner with him. And around 19h (7pm), we enjoy our hard-earned dinner with the chef! Note that the course will be carried out at the chef’s house on the upper town in the old quarter of Antsahatsiroha. INCLUDED ON THE PRICE • Transfer hotel – chef’s house – hotel • Guide speaking English • Ingredients for the course • Course feesNOT INCLUDED ON THE PRICEDrinks Note: We do NOT guarantee any particular diet or allergy risk regimen. You are at 100% your own liability an risk for decision to choose, eat any ingredients or to undertake this tour. We can accept but not guarantee special dietary requests and do not control the chef's traditional cooking techniques. If you think this may be a risk to you, please choose another tour.