Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas.

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Texas' state capital has kept its small-town heart, earning the love with great music, culinary prowess, whip-smart locals and a sociable streak impossible to resist.


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Best Neighborhoods

Each of Austin's neighborhoods showcases a different aspect of Austin's character – the political, historical, academic, techy and funky.

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Day Trips

Austin may have an incredible wealth of attractions but don't sleep on what's beyond the city limits. These are 7 of our top picks for day trips.

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Though the car may be king in Texas, Austin is doing its best to provide sustainable options to travelers. Here's how to get around Austin.

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Free Things to Do

Austin's popularity has made it more expensive but there are still free delights to be had. Here are 10 of our favorites.

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Traveling with Kids

Though known more for music than being a family-friendly destination, the joyful city of Austin is an exciting and enjoyable place for kids of all ages.

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5 Shops

From unique handmade crafts to one-of-a-kind artworks, explore Austin's diverse and inclusive shops that support local talent.

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LGBTIQ+ Travel

Austin’s progressive and artsy vibe make the city perfect for LGBTIQ+ travelers. Here are the best places to go for an unforgettable visit.

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