University of Texas Tower, Statue of George Washington, Austin, Texas, USA

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University of Texas at Austin


Whatever you do, don't call it 'Texas University' – them's fightin' words, usually used derisively by Texas A&M students to take their rivals down a notch. Sorry, A&M, but the main campus of the University of Texas is kind of a big deal. Established in 1883, UT has the largest enrollment in the state, with over 50,000 students.

Notable buildings on campus include four excellent museums and the Texas Memorial Stadium, home of the Texas Longhorns football team. But none define the UT campus as much as the UT Tower. Standing 307ft high, with a clock over 12ft in diameter, the tower looms large, both as a campus landmark and in Austin history as the perch used by a shooter during a 1966 mass killing. On a more cheerful note, it now serves as a beacon of victory when it's lit orange to celebrate a Longhorn win or other achievement.

The tower's observation deck is accessible only by guided tours, which are offered frequently in summer but only on weekends during the school year. Advance reservations are recommended, although standby tickets may be available at the Texas Union's front desk.

Want to see some Big 12 football or other college athletics while you're in town? The UT Box Office is your source for all things Longhorn.

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