LBJ Library and Museum

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Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Library & Museum


Devoted to the 36th US president, who launched his political career in Austin, this museum is still attracting the crowds more than 50 years since he left office. Beyond the hokey, animatronic LBJ that regales visitors with the president's favourite anecdotes, the displays are fascinating and comprehensive, covering such major 1960s events as the assassination of President Kennedy, Johnson’s subsequent role in pushing through Civil Rights legislation, and the role played by the Vietnam War in his eventual downfall.

Personal mementos include LBJ’s presidential limo and assorted gifts from heads of state (including two terracotta horseback riders from Chiang Kai-shek). Don't miss the 8th floor, for a replica of Johnson's Oval Office, and an exhibit on Lady Bird Johnson, the president's wife.

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