Virtual drinks with friends has become the new way to socialise while social distancing. And pubs are joining in the fun too with live streams of trivia nights to keep our spirits up. To take part, you just need to gather friends in the video chat, pick an inventive team name, pour the quarintinis and join in the games below. Remember, googling the answers just spoils the fun.

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A number of pubs are hosting online trivia nights amid the coronavirus shutdowns ©Martinns/Getty Images

Goose's Quizzes

Edinburgh-based pub Goose's Quizzes hosts a nightly pub quiz on the live streaming platform Twitch. Quizzes are streamed at 7pm (GMT) and cover a range of topics including history, TV and movies, general knowledge and sports. Participants fill in their answers on this Google doc and the winner is announced on Goose Quizzes' social media accounts the following day. It's free to join but people are encouraged to donate the price of a pint for each quiz.

Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes

Spectacular Quarantine Quizzes (what a name!) host online themed quizzes based on popular TV shows and films. Upcoming themes include Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and a quiz based on the sitcom; Friends, complete with 90's songs (tip: find out what Chandler's real job is ahead of the quiz night). Participants can sign up here and organisers suggest that attendees make a donation to the charity, if they are in a position to do so.

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You don't need to dress up to join in ©Johner Images/Getty Images


Brewdog, which has locations from Berlin to Barcelona and Paris to Pennsylvania, is launching Brewdog Online Bar sessions for those of us self-isolating. As well as virtual pub quizzes, attendees can take part in homebrew masterclasses, live music and comedy sessions, live beer tastings and win goodies through giveaways. The first session kicks off at 6pm (GMT) on Friday, 27 March. Events change daily will be announced ahead of time on Brewdog's social media accounts.

Heads Up!

For a more low-key event and one that the whole family can join in, create your own games night with the smartphone app Heads Up! from Ellen DeGeneres (available on Apple and Android). The app tests your knowledge on a range of topics from celebrities to movies and trivia. Players must guess the word on the smartphone screen held to their head and they only have 10 seconds to answer. To play on video chat, you'll need to keep your eyes closed when it's your turn to guess so you don't see the answer reflected back at you. Sounds simple enough but trust us, it gets more challenging as the night and drinks go on.

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