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Iceland is teaching travellers how to take safer selfies – and still get likes

Everyone with an Instagram account knows that one of the top travel destinations for getting likes is the dramatic and gorgeous Iceland. But, the crowds of selfie-stick wielding tourists visiting the small island nation in recent years has also led to some less-than-safe behaviour in the name of an incredible photo.


Now, the tourism group Inspired by Iceland has released a new video explaining how travellers can take safe selfies as they trek through the beautiful – and sometimes dangerous – countryside. The video is part of the Iceland Academy educational video series, which aims to promote increased responsibility among tourists. While it may seem common sense that climbing out onto slippery surfaces or getting too close to a geyser can be dangerous, the video notes that many people underestimate the changeability of conditions in Iceland.

The series that provides insider advice from local ‘tutors’ that provide info on things like the countries unique festivals, its famous horses, and the history of Icelandic sagas. The series has already taken on topics like hot tub etiquette and glacier safety, and users can test their knowledge with a short quiz, and will then be entered into a competition to win a trip to Iceland.

Reynisfjara beach, Iceland.
Reynisfjara beach, Iceland. Image by sergejf / CC BY-SA 2.0

The push for greater safety in Iceland comes at a good time, as it was recently reported that the number of American tourists visiting the country in 2016 will surpass the country’s population. And it’s not the only country that is concerned about the potential dangers of the world’s selfie obsession – Norway launched a campaign earlier this year to help travellers get a perfect pic without the risk.