For beach lovers, it doesn't get much better than Greece. Boasting hundreds of inhabited islands and thousands of miles of coastline, the country is home to an astonishing number of golden stretches of sand, lapped by the crystalline waters of the Ionian and Aegean Sea. Whether you’re looking for a spot well suited to younger swimmers, a popular strip of sand with a bit of a buzz, or a secluded cove to escape the crowds, here’s our pick of the best beaches in Greece.

An aerial view of Navagio Beach, a sheltered cove in Greece with white sand, blue waters and a large wrecked ship on the shore.
With its white cliffs, golden sand and iconic shipwreck, Navagio Beach is a real stunner © Petr Kopka / Shutterstock

1. Navagio Beach

The blockbuster of Greek beaches, Navagio on the island of Zakynthos really does have it all. Framed by towering vertical cliffs, the beach boasts azure waters, pure, perfect sand and, just to give it an extra bit of character, like a beauty spot on a face, a shipwreck.

But just like any great Hollywood production, Navagio draws crowds. The beach is only accessible via boat, but in summer the waters immediately offshore are chock-a-block with sightseeing cruises. Travel off-season to have the best chance of seeing the beach at its most superb – a precarious lookout platform signposted between Anafonitria and Volimes offers bird-eye views.

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Aerial view of the lagoon of Voidokilia near Paleokastro, Greece
Voidokilia Beach is considered to be Homer's "sandy Pylos" © Nick Pavlakis / Shutterstock

2. Voidokilia Beach 

Messina's Voidokilia Beach with its perfect sandy crescent and clear waters is presumed to be Homer’s “sandy Pylos,” where Telemachus was warmly welcomed when he came to ask wise old King Nestor the whereabouts of his long-lost father, Odysseus, King of Ithaca.

Follow the signs to Paleokastro and walk the lagoon-side track labelled “Nestor's Cave” from the Paleokastro car park (20 minutes) or approach by road from the village of Petrohori, four miles (6km) north of Gialova off the road to Chora.

People wade in the crystal clear waters of Koukounaries Beach. There a row of beach chairs and umbrellas on the sand and a white boat moored further out in the sea.
Koukounaries Beach is a popular tourist destination for people visiting the Greek island of Skiathos © David Abrams / Getty Images

3. Koukounaries Beach

Framed by electric-green pine trees, two forested headlands and a small salt-water wetland, Koukounaries' silky 3937ft-long (1200m) sweep of bleach-blonde sand is Skiathos' – and one of the country's – most sparklingly beautiful, with beach bars, sunbeds and water sports creating a buzzy vibe. The whole area is a protected nature reserve but still gets very busy in summer.

Aerial view of Myrtos Beach with white sand and light blue waters in Kefallonia, Greece
With its striking blue waters, Myrtos Beach is a stunning sight © Panos Karas / Shutterstock

4. Myrtos Beach

From the road that zigzags down to it, you'll understand why Myrtos Beach in Kefallonia is touted as one of the most breathtaking beaches in all of Greece. From afar it's certainly a stunning sight, with electric-blue waters offset by what appears to be searing-white “sand” (in reality it's white pebbles). Unfortunately, a scrappy car park rather spoils the idyll. Even so, it's a beautiful spot and once you're in the sea it’s heavenly – come early in the morning to see it at its most serene. The closest village is Divarata, which has a couple of tavernas, including Alexandros.

A wide-angled view of Red Beach on the island of Santorini in Greece, which gets its name from the red-coloured cliffs visible behind the thin strip of golden sand.
It's worth the effort to reach uniquely-coloured Kokkini (Red) Beach © Emma Shaw / Lonely Planet

5. Kokkini (Red) Beach 

This stunning, surreal beach in southwestern Santorini is backed by rust-and-fire coloured cliffs, making it one of the most photogenic stretches of sand in the country. You can access the beach by boat or via a short walk (sturdy shoes recommended!) down from the nearby church, where there are parking spaces and a handful of good restaurants. Arrive early in peak season to score a good spot.

A view of Elafonissi Beach, with its pink-hued sand and shallow blue water, on the island of Crete
Elafonisi Beach is beloved for its pink-hued sand © Mustang_79 / Getty Images

6. Elafonisi

Tucked into Crete’s southwestern corner, this symphony of fine pink-white sand, turquoise water and gentle rose dunes looks like a magical dreamscape. As the water swirls across the sands, rainbows shimmer across its surface. Off Elafonisi's long, wide strand lies Elafonisi Islet, occasionally connected by a thin, sandy isthmus, which creates a lovely double beach; otherwise, it's easily reached by wading through 50 yards (50m) of knee-deep water.

Alas, this natural gem is less than idyllic in high summer, when hundreds of umbrellas and sunbeds clog the sand, putting enormous pressure on this delicate ecosystem and on the minimal infrastructure, especially the toilets. Consider a trip out of season for an overall more tranquil, and sustainable, visit.

Idyllic Potami Beach with turquoise crystal clear water, Samos island, Greece
Potami Beach is perfect for those who love clear waters, quiet sands and great beach bars © pkazmierczak / Getty Images

7. Potami Beach 

The long, tranquil beach of colourful shells and crystal-clear water in the mouth of a mountain river is one of the Northern Samos’ most attractive; Potami’s beach bar is one of the best, too. Trekking up the river, you'll reach a chain of waterfalls and pools, as well as a taverna hidden in the woods.

An aerial view of Possidi Beach in summer. The beach is uniquely triangular in shape, protruding from a forested island.
Possidi Beach is backed by a lighthouse and pine forest © Westend61 / Getty Images

8. Possidi Cape

An absolute beauty of a beach lies hidden at Possidi Cape in the Kassandra Peninsula. Miles of sand is lapped by crystal-clear waters, and it's a rare place to find peace and quiet (though little shade) in the summer months. It's a joy year-round and is backed by a lighthouse and a pine forest. Be aware of dangerous currents at this beach; there is no lifeguard, so swim at your own risk.

The beach of Seychelles, with transparent turquoise waters, in Ikaria island, Greece
The transparent turquoise waters around Seychelles Beach, Ikaria © Lemonan / Getty Images

9. Seychelles Beach

The small, stunning Seychelles Beach is 1.9 miles (3km) east of Manganitis on the island of Ikaria. Its marble pebbles, emerald water and giant rocks polished by the waves make you feel you've been teleported into the middle of the Indian Ocean – hence the name. To reach it, trek from the parking lot by the tunnel on the road to Manganitis, down an unmarked path leaning to the left side of the ravine. Don't wear flip-flops.

Famous sandy beach of Falasarna at the north west of Chania, Crete, Greece.
The view of  Falasarna from inside a cave © Gatsi / Getty Images

10. Falasarna

This broad sweep of beach on the island of Crete has magical-looking pink-cream sands and teal waters and is known for its stunning sunsets. Along with superb water clarity, Falasarna has wonderfully big waves: long rollers coming from the open Mediterranean. It gets busy from mid-July to mid-August, primarily with day trippers from Hania and Kissamos.

A view of gentle waves lapping a sandy beach at dusk on the island of Naxos, Greece.
Plaka is becoming one of Naxos' most popular stretches of sand © Lazaros Papandreou / Getty Images

11. Plaka

Unspoilt and undeveloped, Plaka has become one of the most popular beaches in Naxos. Long and sandy, it retains its popularity with nudists, but during the heights of summer you're likely to see more families than exposed tan lines on the main strip of sand. There is a good selection of accommodation and restaurants set a little way back from the beach.

An aerial view of Prasonisi Beach in Rhodes, Greece. The beach is actually a sand bar, connecting the main island with a small islet off shore.
One side of Prasonisi Beach faces the Aegean sea, and the other the Mediterranean © clubfoto / Getty Images

12. Prasonisi Beach

Accessible via a windswept road that snakes for 10km south from Kattavia, Prasonisi Beach extends to form a tenuously-narrow sandy isthmus that connects to Cape Prasonisi, Rhodes' southernmost point, in summer. The Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean here, creating ideal wind and wave conditions for kitesurfers and windsurfers. Outfitters help with everything from rental equipment and lessons to overnight accommodation in surfer-dude-style hostels, but it all closes down in winter.

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