Aerial view of Voidokilia beach.

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Voidokilia Beach


This perfect sandy crescent with clear waters is presumed to be Homer’s ‘sandy Pylos’, where Telemachus was warmly welcomed when he came to ask wise old King Nestor the whereabouts of his long-lost father, Odysseus, King of Ithaca.

Follow the signs to Paleokastro and walk the lagoon-side track labelled 'Nestor's Cave' from the Paleokastro car park (20 minutes) or approach by road from the village of Petrohori, 6km north of Gialova off the road to Chora.

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1. Paleokastro & Nestor's Cave

0.51 MILES

The ruins of this ancient castle, which the Franks built in the 13th century on the site of the acropolis of Ancient Pylos, lie 5km west of Gialova on…

2. René Puaux Exhibition

3.87 MILES

Housed in a red mansion on the seafront, this collection of pictures depicts the War of Independence with a focus on the Battle of Navarino. It was…

3. Neo Kastro

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The more intact and accessible of two castles that lie on either side of Navarino Bay, Neo Kastro was built by the Turks in 1573 on the hilltop at the…

4. Nestor’s Palace


The best preserved of all Mycenaean palaces lies 17km north of Pylos and is a thrilling sight. It's described in Homer's 'Odyssey' as the court of the…

5. Chora Archaeological Museum

6.94 MILES

This old-style museum houses finds from the palace site and other Mycenaean weaponry, jewellery and pottery from tombs around Messinia. The prize pieces…

6. Kastro

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This vast, crumbling kastro, a great example of 15th-century Venetian military architecture, is built on a promontory south of Methoni. It's surrounded on…

7. Zaga Beach

20.15 MILES

Koroni’s main attraction is Zaga Beach, a 2km sweep of golden sand just south of town. It takes about 20 minutes to walk to here; you can cut through the…

8. Kastro

20.27 MILES

The castle complex crowns a bluff overlooking the town. Much of it is occupied by the Timios Prodromos Convent, where a dress code applies. You can enter…