Neo Kastro

Castle in Pylos

The more intact and accessible of two castles that lie on either side of Navarino Bay, Neo Kastro was built by the Turks in 1573 on the hilltop at the southern edge of town, off the road to Methoni. It affords excellent views of the bay. Within its formidable walls is a mosque converted into a church plus former dungeons, used as a prison to contain warring Maniots until the 1900s. It now houses now houses Pylos' impressive archaeological museum.

The museum attempts to take visitors ‘on a journey across space and time'. A selection of modern exhibits relate to human presence from the Palaeolithic period to Roman times (from Navarino Bay), the Mycenean past in the hinterland and Neolithic to Mycenaean at Voidokoilia. Highlights include a stunning glass bowl and a colossal dinosaur knuckle bone. A second, much smaller museum, focuses on the remains of several shipwrecks.