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United Airlines is replacing this snack and people aren't happy

The news that United Airlines is replacing its beloved stroopwafel snack with new maple-flavoured cookies, at least for the time being, has not met with universal approval. The airline announced that it doing so as part of an expansion of its complimentary snack offerings in order to appeal to a broad palate, but some passengers have taken to their social media accounts to express their disappointment.

Fans of the stroopwafel snack are disappointed that it is being replaced on United. Image: United Airlines

This new snack replaces the stroopwafel, the current morning snack, a Dutch waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel syrup filling in the middle. It is so popular that United previously made a YouTube video all about it, explaining how best to enjoy it.

The new maple wafers are being made by Byrd Cookie Company, which is headquartered in Savannah, Georgia, especially for United Airlines. The airline is excited about the new offering, saying that maple syrup is becoming more a popular flavour in a variety of foods and beverages. “We are always looking for ways to capitalise on trends in taste buds,” says Charlean Gmunder, vice president of catering operations. “We are excited to offer our customers a light, crisp snack that is created by a woman-owned bakery.”

Byrd’s Maple wafers are the new snack on board United. Image: United Airlines.

The consolation for fans of the stroopwafel is that it will be available again in the future as the airline rotates between morning snack options. It will also remain on flights departing from Europe prior to 9.30am. And who knows, hopefully the new maple wafers, which combine a crunchy texture with a sweet maple flavor, will be just as popular, creating a win-win situation for the airline and passengers. We look forward to trying them anyway.

To celebrate the new partnership, United’s MileagePlus Exclusives is hosting a live auction here where customers can bid miles to travel to Savannah and enjoy a tour of the Byrd’s bakery and take in the city’s local sites.