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This videographer’s love letter to Peru will make you want to add it to your travel plans

A stunning new video has been released that highlights the diverse beauty of Peru.

A llama taking in the view at Machu Picchu.
A llama taking in the view at Machu Picchu. Image by Nate Connella

Created by videographer Nate Connella, who describes it as his love letter to the country, Rhythms of Peru was shot over the course of one month, and takes viewers on a journey from the heart of Lima to the Sacred Valley and through Arequipa, Puno and Cusco in an effort to highlight the rich culture and stunning landscapes on offer. “My wife and I travel full time for our blog, The Tipsy Gypsies. She does most of the blog work and since I come from an advertising and film background, filmmaking was just a natural fit for me on the road. I make films because I enjoy it and it gives me a sense of purpose. I’m so inspired by the places we visit I love to try and capture the wonder and excitement that I feel. I know a film will never be the same as the real thing, but even if I can capture just a piece of it, maybe it will inspire someone else to visit as well,” Nate told Lonely Planet Travel News.

With Rhythms of Peru, Nate said that he wasn’t interested in telling their personal story, with his interest in the people and places that they visited guiding his creative decisions. While some of the places featured in the video are well known internationally, such as Machu Pichu, a local guide from Kouda travel took Nate and Marta to more rural locations that were off the beaten track.

A young girl from the village of Huilloc.
A young girl from the village of Huilloc. Image by Nate Connella

“The experience really opened my eyes to Peru, and how different and diverse the country is. Every region is really proud, so when you visit these places, you feel a real difference between every city. We also learned a ton about the ancient Incas and got to visit some really amazing ruins. I really wish we could have gone to the North of Peru and the Amazon but we didn’t have time this trip. Maybe there will be a Rhythms of Peru part two someday,” Nate said.

More of Nate and Marta’s adventures are available at The Typsy Gypsies blog.