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Get a side-gig as a professional beer-taster at this brewery

Now you can turn your Friday hobby into the perfect part-time job as a London brewery seeks a profession beer-taster.

rtrait of smiling bartender at microbrewery pouring beer.
Get a part-time job drinking beer at Meantime Brewing Company. Image by Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Meantime Brewing Company is looking for someone who wants to taste brews and get paid a competitive rate “with beer benefits”. The job is only for a few hours each Friday – probably because it’s best not to drink for eight hours a day – but it’s sure to be the perfect role for any beer-lover.

The Greenwich-based brewery needs beer-tasters as they are “key in helping Meantime perfect and launch new products around the world. A successful candidate will join the panel brewers as they taste, discuss and pass opinion on a range of different beers”.

And while many people already spend a few hours each week sampling new beers, there are a few skills required for the role. Meantime is looking for a passionate beer-lover who can give objective feedback on different beer styles, taste the difference between certain beers – “do you know your Pale Ale from your IPA, chocolate malt from dark malt, Fuggles from Cascade hops?” – and be a strong team player. You’ll need to have a strong grasp of the English language and know beer terminology. In addition to good taste buds, it’ll also help to understand global consumer markets.

To apply, Meantime is asking applicants to write a 30-word post on LinkedIn, explaining why they are right for the job and include #pickmemeantime so the posts can be found. There will be a shortlist of three candidates for a final beer-tasting round, so start perfecting  your tasting skills. See the full job posting here.