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These new earphones will translate 40 languages in real-time straight into your ear

Throw out your phrasebook and delete that app; these earbuds could be the ultimate language travelling companion of the future as they aim to translate into your ear in real time.

world languages on a blackboard
You could soon be the master of 40 languages with zero effort. Image by RichVintage

The Dash Pro wireless earphones from Bragi are the latest generation of intelligent audio technology but come with one huge advantage for world travellers; it can translate 40 languages in real time courtesy of the iTranslate app. As well as enabling you to understand the person, with the use of your phone – or another pair of earbuds – the other person will also be able to understand you.

The earphones use the app’s translation and speech recognition software to translate in real time. If the two people in the conversation own Dash Pro earphones, they can converse as normal. If not, the person wearing the earphones can hand their phone over to the other person and they can hear the translation through the app. Currently the function only works when online though the company promises that an offline version is in the works to save your data charges.

The real-time translator is the first on the market so while this may not be widely adopted at first, it’s likely to be an essential travel accessory in the near future. Last year, a smart earpiece was announced as an end to all our travel communication problems, but so far there has been no update on when or if it will become available to buy.

Wireless earbuds
The Dash Pro earbuds can be used for more than just language translation. Image by Bragi

The language translator is not the only feature in the Dash Pro earbuds that might be of interest to travellers. The earbuds themselves have 4GB of space and works as a standalone device, meaning you can leave your smartphone safely in your room while still listening to your holiday mix.

It’s also waterproof up to one metre so you can use it while swimming. There’s an inbuilt fitness tracker allowing you can count your steps while exploring a new city or to block out some noisy hostel mates, use the noise isolation feature. The earbuds also come with 30 hours of battery life, with up to five hours if continuously playing.

The Dash Pro earphones are available to purchase online now for €349.