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Gibraltar’s 'Thrill Seekers Trail' suspension bridge opens to the public

The Windsor Bridge, Gibraltar’s first suspension bridge, is now open to the public following an official opening by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo.

The Windsor Bridge in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.
The Windsor Bridge in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve.

The free visitor’s attraction forms part of the Thrill Seekers Trail in the Upper Rock and part of the “restoring, revitalizing and rebranding” of the Nature Reserve.

Mr Picardo said the bridge feels like it is moving a little bit which is to be expected but that not even a scaredy cat like him should worry as he still enjoyed it.

Minister for Tourism Samantha Sacramento was also present at the opening and called the bridge an “innovative addition”, and she thought it was magnificent product and a wonderful enhancement to Gibraltar.

In addition, areas of historical interest have been reopened to the public following the clearance of overgrowth or debris on walks, pathways and key heritage sites in the area.

Picnic and rest areas have also been created.

Located between two Batteries and constructed over a 50 metre gorge, the bridge is 71 metre long.

The project involved anchoring and foundation works, which were carried out by a firm that specialises in suspension bridges. The main structure of the bridge was assembled off site in nearby Spain.

Windsor Bridge, Gibraltar.
Windsor Bridge, Gibraltar.

Project Manager on the Windsor Bridge Carl Viagas said he was, “delighted, happy, very proud,” about how the new bridge has added to the Upper Rock area, which he calls Gibraltar’s “greatest asset and main tourist asset”.

Minister for Environment Dr John Cortes admired how it the team were able to put the suspension bridge in the heart of the Nature Reserve without any conflict with nature.

“It is in total harmony with nature, clearly the contractors were briefed on that, there is no conflict at all. So you can enjoy nature and have this thrill of a wonderful tourist attraction.”