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Berlin's new poke bowl restaurant is inspired by a David Hockney painting

If you get hungry while sightseeing around Berlin, you may wish to check out a new poke bowl restaurant, the design of which is inspired by the 1967 David Hockney painting, ‘A Bigger Splash.’

A new poke restaurant has opened in Berlin. Image: Julia Stein

Wanting to offer a casual dining experience with a Californian vibe, L.A. Poke enlisted interior designer Ester Bruzkus to carry out the chilled-out design. The Hockney painting depicts a splash in the swimming pool beside Hockney’s Malibu beach house, and Ester reflected that by using shades of pink and blue in the restaurant with vibrant splashes of yellow, blue and red.

L.A. Poke enlisted interior designer Ester Bruzkus to carry out the chilled-out design. Image: Ester Bruzkus

These are accompanied by tubular furniture, reflective stainless-steel surfaces and patio-style flooring to reflect the pool, with large plants in terracotta pots adding greenery and hip-hop playlists adding ambience.

Large plants in terracotta pots add greenery. Image: Ester Bruzkus

“We want to combine super food with super good vibes,” says L.A. Poke founder Asif Oomer. “Our stores are neither traditional pokeshacks nor regular restaurants. We wanted to convey the Californian way of life and, at the same time, something unique, by creating something fresh and new that does not exist so far in Germany.”

L.A. Poke has opened a branch in Germany. Image: Julia Stein

L.A. Poke serves healthy poke bowls with rice, quinoa or salad as a base, with fresh raw fish, prepared meat or tofu added to that, and toppings like avocado, edamame or sesame. All sources of protein are marinated in one of the restaurant’s four home-made sauces, adding their distinctive flavours to the bowl. There are also seven signature bowls – Santa Monica Tuna, Hollywood Spicy Tuna, Silver Lake Tempeh, Little Tokyo Yuzu Salmon, Koreatown Chicken, Echo Park Vegan and Malibu Wasabi Salmon.

You can choose from a wide range of ingredients. Image: Julia Stein

Originally the protein-rich dish was born in Hawaii, and from there it spread throughout the US and quickly became an integral part of the healthy California food scene. Where possible, local and regionally-diverse raw materials and ingredients are used, and the fish comes from sustainable fishing.

L.A. Poke enlisted Ester Bruzkus to design its Hockney-inspired restaurant. Image: Ester Bruzkus

L.A. Poke can be found at Alte Schönhauser Straße 44, 10119 Berlin. See its website here.