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Meet K-pop stars, try Korean food and make your own traditional clothing all in one spot

If you’d like to experience as much of South Korea as possible during your visit to the country, this newly redesigned hub might just be perfect for you.

Traditional clothing is one of the many aspects of Korean culture featured in the Hub. Image: Courtesy of K-Style Hub / Korea Tourism Organization

The old headquarters of the Korean Tourism Organisation in the Jung district of Seoul have been transformed into the K-Style Hub. A true tourist one-shop stop, the Hub’s five floors are everything from an information centre to an interactive exhibition hall. The Hub’s objective is to provide “various chances to learn about Korean culture and food, as well as easily participate in traditional experiences.”

3D goggles allow you to virtually visit the whole country. Image: Courtesy of K-Style Hub / Korea Tourism Organization

Tourists start visiting the Hub from the second floor, where the information centre is found. You can interact with a massive map of Korea and take 360-degree tours of various cities through virtual reality goggles, and if the k-pop craze has gotten onto you there’s the possibility of taking virtual pictures with idols of the Hallyu, the “Korean wave”, such as Big Bang and PSY. The Hub also has medical experts that will tell you the exact composition of your skin and what treatments will suit it best, keeping up with the South Korean passion for skin care.

A seasonal food exhibit is on display on the Hub’s third floor. Image: Courtesy of K-Style Hub / Korea Tourism Organization

The third floor is dedicated to Korean food, with a seasonal display of meals, condiments, spices and traditional liquors, while the fourth floor features a modern industrial kitchen at which guests can take cooking classes and a restaurant in which they get to eat everything on display in the exhibition they have just seen. The fifth and final floor is where you can try on Korea’s traditional clothing, the hanbok and its many accessories like headpieces and fans. You can also handcraft your own souvenir, in the form of the sandals that are usually worn together with the hanbok – guests will be able to customise the sandals and then bring them home for free.

The Hub’s workshops let you create your own souvenirs. Image: Courtesy of K-Style Hub / Korea Tourism Organization

Admission to the K-Style Hub is free, but some experiences, like cooking classes, require advanced reservations. Please visit their website here for more details.