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Tour Northern Italy following the steps of Call Me By Your Name's Elio and Oliver

Somewhere in Northern Italy, you can now explore the locations featured in last year’s Oscar-winning movie Call Me By Your Name. A new LGBTQ-friendly tour will let visitors fall into Elio and Oliver’s summer love story while travelling through the Po Valley from Milan to Venice.

Bergamo will be on of the highlights of the tour. Image: Sergio Locatelli/500px

The cities of Bergamo and Crema will be the highlights of the tour since they’re both vital to the plot of the movie. Visitors will see all the main sets, from the villa that is Elio’s house, to the square where the two protagonists spend their last night in Italy together. They will also be able to climb up to the Cascate del Serio waterfalls— maybe even with Sufjan Steven’s “Mystery of Love” playing in the background like it does in the movie.

Elio and Oliver at the Cascate del Serio waterfalls. Image: Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classic/Mongrel Media

The tour is organised by Quiiky, the first LGBTQ tour operator in Italy. They usually specialise in tours exploring Italian cities’ LGBTQ history, and this is their first time getting inspiration from a movie. “We hope to recreate the atmosphere that Guadagnino brought to life in Call Me By Your Name, for example by offering the possibility to do a bicycle tour of the countryside around Crema,” they say.

“The strong Italian spirit of the movie and its massive resonance abroad are what pushed us to design this tour,” Quiiky continues. “We expected a lot of contacts from the United States, considering that Call Me By Your Name won an Oscar there, but we’re getting feedback from Japan, China, and South Korea as well.”

Elio and Oliver in the Italian countryside. Image: Sayombhu Mukdeeprom/Mongrel Media/Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

Quiiky will hold a press conference to present the itinerary later in the summer, and enlist the help of Italian and foreign influencers alike to promote it, while the tour will officially start in October. For further information, please visit the dedicated page on their website here.

Words: Benedetta Geddo