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Italy to mark International Women's Day with free museum entry for women

To celebrate International Women’s Day many of Italy’s state-owned museums and cultural sites will be offering free entry to women on 8 March.

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Over 100 museums around the country will be holding special themed exhibitions, tours and talks to celebrate the occasion. In Rome, a tour at the Museo Nazionale Romano: Terme di Diocleziano will highlight the lives of women during Roman times.

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There will also be a special tour at Venice’s Gallerie dell’Accademia exploring the representation of women in Venetian art. At Pompeii, the statue of Venus in a Bikini, usually kept in NaplesArchaeological Museum, will, for one day only, be exhibited in its original location, the House of Venus in Bikini.

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There is also a social-media campaign in the week running up to International Women’s Day on the Instagram profile @museitaliani, featuring images of exceptional women who came to prominence through their roles in art and culture.

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The 30-strong list was selected by art historians from the most important Italian museums, and includes paintings, sculptures, prints, and busts of “saints and prostitutes, goddesses and commoners, intellectuals and artists, actresses and martyrs, writers and poets, mothers, Madonnas and revolutionaries”. Visitors to the museums included in the program are invited to share their own images of artworks featuring and by women, using the hashtag #8marzoalmuseo.

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