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The Anthony Bourdain food trail will become a reality in New Jersey

Last year, a New Jersey politician proposed a new food trail dedicated to the late chef Anthony Bourdain, and now it’s set to become a reality.

Anthony Bourdain in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Image by Paulo Fridman/Corbis via Getty Images

The 2018 death of Bourdain, the celebrity chef, writer and host of the CNN series Parts Unknown, was a shock to people around the world. His beloved TV show took him around the world, and travel and food enthusiasts followed his adventures for years.

Bourdain spent a lot of his childhood in New Jersey, and after his death by suicide in France, New Jersey Assemblyman Paul Moriarty proposed the creation of the Anthony Bourdain Food Trail to honor his legacy. The state legislature has now approved the plan.

One of Bourdain’s stops was in Atlantic City. Image by ©littleny/Getty Images

The food trail will include the restaurants that Bourdain visited during the New Jersey episode of Parts Unknown. This includes a stop at Hiram’s Roadstand in Fort Lee, where Bourdain indulged with a cheeseburger and a ripper (deep-fried) hot dog. He went to Kubel’s to enjoy some clams and beer, and the Knife and Fork Inn in Atlantic City to enjoy Pretzel-crusted swordfish over lump crab meat. The seafood sampling continued with a stop at Dock’s Oyster House for oysters and stuffed lobster. For some traditional Jersey foods, he went to James’ Salt Water Taffy for the classic Atlantic City treat, to Donkey’s Place in Camden to try a Jersey cheesesteak, a deviation from the Philly cheesesteak that uses American cheese instead of provolone. The other stops include a classic Jersey sandwich at Frank’s Deli, Tony’s Baltimore Grill, Lucille’s Country Cooking and Tony & Ruth Steaks.

Now, the legislature has passed the bill, meaning that the trail is set to become a reality. While a date hasn’t been set for its implementation, travellers can still follow in Bourdain’s footstep and stop at his favourite spots throughout New Jersey.