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Los Angeles adds sparkle to its cuisine with glitter pizza

Angelenos can now boast “sparkly digestive systems” as one of their many spectacular physical features thanks to the city’s newest food obsession.

The ‘#MagicalAF’ pizza. Image by DagWoods Image by DagWoods

DagWoods in Santa Monica has been dishing out glitter pizza this summer and staff can barely keep up with the demand, such is the popularity of this pastel-coloured creation. As the pizza continues to sell out, the restaurant’s on-site unicorns have been putting in extra shifts to produce enough glitter to keep customers happy.

The idea for pizzeria’s rainbow-y concoction, named ‘#MagicalAF’, is credited to the owner’s sister, Nova. “She runs Nova Han Productions and does tons of super incredible stage and art work for numerous festivals across the country. We came up with the name together as a team, it’s a little bit tongue-in-cheek but everybody gets a serious kick out of it,” says DagWood’s Mark Peters.

Santa Monica pier and ferris wheel. Image by ©Mark_and_Anna_Wilson/Shutterstock

Pride may be over but the lure of the twinkling treat is still powerful. While the pizza looks like it tastes like every colour of the rainbow, it’s just a regular, plain pizza topped with edible glitter. Customers can add additional flavours but Peters firmly believes that less is more. The glitter is the star of the show and while it doesn’t have its own flavour, it does provide a certain ‘pop’ to the pizza. “The MagicalAF is meant to be just out homemade dough and sauce with a little bit of extra mozzarella cheese, and of course the ‘unicorn puke’/edible glitter,” says Peters.

DagWoods is known for its creative, themed pizzas and customers line up annually for their heart-shaped designs on Valentine’s Day and green pizzas on St Patrick’s Day. The team are busy cooking up more ideas for future themes but you can see some of DagWood’s past, magical creations here.