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Noma’s new menu is inspired by travels through Scandinavia

Copenhagen’s famous Noma restaurant has celebrated Nordic cuisine and local ingredients for more than a decade, recently closing down to reopen on a site with its own urban farm. Now, as the restaurant moves towards its expected opening, Chef Rene Redzepi has announced a delay as the team explores Scandinavia in search of new inspiration.

The two-Michelin-star restaurant closed its doors with plans to reopen in the neighbourhood of Christiania by the end of 2017. However, Redzepi, chef and co-owner of the restaurant, posted an update video explaining that there will be a delay in opening the new Noma.

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Filmed in the incredible Faroe Islands, he explained in the video that they have been looking for inspiration all around Scandinavia. When it was announced that the original site would close, Redzepi explained at that time that the restaurant would intensify its focus on local ingredients and things grown on site. Now the test kitchen team have been to the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Iceland and Denmark, and going from “farm to farm, from butcher to butcher, to fisherman to fisherman, simply trying to see what’s out there”.

Redzepi said they’ve been making new friends, finding new ingredients and getting inspiration for the next iteration of the world-famous restaurant. He said that they will open up again, but they don’t want to fall into the same routine, so all their new inspirations will go into practical use at Noma.

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“We promised ourselves that we’re not going to open until we are ready. It’s not a big delay, but there’s been delays. We will not be able to open in December, it’s going to be in 2018,” he explained. The bright side is that the team will have more time to work on their menus and guests excited for the new offering “will just have to wait and see what is coming”.