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Try all the restaurants from the new season of Netflix's Chef's Table for yourself

Chef’s Table, the Netflix documentary series that follows world-renowned chefs, will see its fifth season hit the streaming site on 28 September.

Musa Dağdeviren’s dishes. Image by Netflix

While previous seasons have followed high-profile chefs like Italy’s Massimo Bottura and Brazil’s Alex Atala, the new episodes will “dig past the surface of the fine-dining world to reveal remarkable chefs and cuisines whose stories have for too long been hidden.” The new season will take viewers from Philadelphia, Barcelona, Istanbul and Bangkok to learn more about four incredible chefs. If you want to sample some of their dishes, here is where you can go to find their restaurants.

Cristina Martinez runs a restaurant in Philadelphia. Image by Netflix

Philadelphia, USA

A new episode will follow Chef Cristina Martinez in Philadelphia, who came to the US as an undocumented immigrant and “has had to live under the radar purely for survival, all the while serving her delicious authentic barbacoa to the residents of South Philly.” She now runs the restaurant South Philly Barbacoa and works to raise awareness about the many undocumented workers in the restaurant system. If you want to try some of her traditional slow-cooked barbacoa tacos, head to the restaurant at its new location on 9th Street.

Albert Adria is featured in Chef’s Table. Image by Ezra Patchett/Netflix

Barcelona, Spain

Chef Albert Adria is responsible for many of the “ground-breaking creations of the world’s most influential restaurant, El Bulli,” however, according to Netflix, he “lived in the shadow of his older brother Ferran, who became the world’s most celebrated chef.” The series will now follow Albert, who has actually created six restaurants, covering a wide variety of cuisines. There’s Tickets, a contemporary and traditional tapas bar, Pakta, which combines Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, and more. His newest project is Engima – a four-hour culinary experience where guests try 40 courses through a succession of different rooms. Learn more about his restaurants here.

Musa Dağdeviren makes fresh food. Image by Netflix

Istanbul, Turkey

Chef Musa Dağdeviren will be followed as he “documents and preserves the vast array of flavours and cooking styles of Turkey, creating a shared culinary culture across sharp ethnic and political divides.” The Istanbul-based chef is known for his restaurant Çiya Sofrası, located on the city’s Asian side, which showcases regional Turkish dishes like Arabic-style pizza.

Bo Songvisava is known for cooking Thai cuisine. Image by Michael Chevas/Netflix

Bangkok, Thailand

Chef Duangporn (Bo) Songvisava runs her Bangkok restaurant with her husband Dylan Jones, which “reclaims and revives farming techniques and recipes nearly forgotten in the globalisation of popular Thai food.” Bo.Lan received a Michelin-star this year for its incredible cuisine, but the restaurant is also aiming to become a zero carbon restaurant this year.