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Mountaineers carry out first ever Snapchat while climbing Mount Everest

A pair of brave and possibly crazy professional climbers have been carrying out the first ever Snapchat from Mount Everest.


As though the task at hand weren’t trying enough, American mountaineers Corey Richards and Adrian Ballinger decided to document their two month stay at Mount Everest’s base camp via the social media platform Snapchat.


Sharing some of the ordeals, day-to-day, and bizarre features of living in the base camp (see Snapchat about human waste) the pair gave a light-hearted and extremely entertaining insight into the celebrated and arduous feat of scaling the tallest mountain in the world.


Adrian, an experienced mountaineer, shared posts about brushing his teeth, his hair going weird, and even suffering from altitude sickness. Corey, a National Geographic photographer and mountaineer, explained how immense the mountain felt: “Everything about this mountain is humbling, they’re big, we weren’t expecting this and we are worked – very tired.” The pair documented everything tirelessly, up to the point where 1,000 feet from the summit Adrian is forced to turn back due to a dangerous lack of oxygen due to the altitude.


Corey is forced to go it alone, telling the camera, “Unfortunately AB had to turn around a little earlier so it’s up to me to hold it down – hopefully I can do it, that’s the summit.”


The pair became the first people to use Snapchat during their hike up the mountain using the hashtag #EverestNoFilter, and will no doubt give rise to many a copycat now.