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Uzbekistan airline to weigh passengers at check-in for 'flight safety'

An airline has announced on its website that it will weigh passengers at departure check-in as part of its ‘flight safety ‘ policy.

Uzbekistan Airways weighing passengers as part of its 'flight safety'  procedure
Uzbekistan Airways weighing passengers as part of its ‘flight safety’ procedure Image by Kurush Pawar / CC BY 2.0

Uzbekistan Airways said travellers would be weighed on special machines with their hand luggage at departure gates under its new plan.

While the carrier pledged that there would be customer confidentiality, it added that the move could see heavier passengers not being allowed to board smaller planes or busier flights.

ITN network news said the airline seemed to be following the lead set by Samoan Air which two years ago began charging passengers by their weight.

The MailOnline reported that the company has installed special weighing machines at departure gate zones. People will be weighed in three categories by the airline -men, women and children.

The carrier said it was crucial that they knew the weight of both people and luggage particularly when travelling in smaller planes.

Uzbekistan Airways stressed that they were obliged under the laws of the International Air Transport Association to do pre-flight checks to ensure flight safety.