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Top 10 trending destinations for millennials in 2019

Broadly speaking, millennials as a group tend to put more of an emphasis on international travel than their older counterparts. For this eager generation of travellers who are hungry for experiences that invigorate, educate and excite, Bora Bora has topped the list as the most popular destination for 2019, according to new research.

Bora Bora is the most popular destination for millennial travellers in 2019. Image by ekash/Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to flight-booking app Hopper, which uses an algorithm to predict the best deals and times to fly and buy tickets, Bora Bora has experienced the biggest spike in interest for 2019 among its mostly millennial user base. After looking at the most popular destinations being followed or “watched” by its users, Hopper found that the dreamy South Pacific island saw a 24% increase in popularity compared to last year.

Hitting the slopes in Aspen is a popular pastime for millennials. Photo by gladassfanny/Getty Images

With its palm-fringed beaches, sapphire seas and overwater villas, Bora Bora has become an exotic bucket-list destination for millennials in recent years. While tropical beach escapes are the most popular destinations for prospective millennial travellers in 2019, they’re also tracking airfares to ski resorts and some of the most vibrant capitals in the world.

Tokyo is a popular destination for prospective millennial travellers in 2019. Image: Rebecca Milner/Lonely Planet

Hopper reports that the nine destinations that have seen the biggest spike in interest in 2019 after Bora Bora are Sint Maarten; Aspen, Colorado; Denpasar, Indonesia; Kahului, Hawaii; Dublin, Ireland; St. Lucia; Tokyo, Japan; Palm Springs, California and Anchorage, Alaska.

Hapenny Bridge over Liffey river in Dublin, Ireland.
Ireland’s capital Dublin came in sixth place. Image by ©Aitormmfoto/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Meanwhile if you’re planning a trip, Hopper’s data suggests January is the best time to book a flight while domestic round-trip airfares in the US are at their lowest, before increasing again in February. For more information, see here.