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This Russian beach has turned broken bottles into something amazing

Dumped rubbish has the power to transform even the most beautiful of places into an eyesore. However, this beach on Russia’s Pacific shoreline isn’t letting old bottles spoil the view: in fact, they’re making everything look even more incredible.

Originally covered in black volcanic sand, the beach now looks multi-coloured thanks to all the shards – called sea glass. Known as “Glass Beach,” Steklyashka was used as a dumping ground for old bottles and broken porcelain during the Soviet era. However, the waves have smoothed out all the sharp edges of these broken bits, creating a pretty magical looking addition to the seashore.

Located on Ussuri Bay about 30 minutes drive away from Vladivostok, it’s becoming quite the tourist attraction.

In winter the beach also gets a dusting of snow and it’s pretty amazing.

A photo posted by Djakarta (@mariyauss25) on Jan 31, 2017 at 9:35pm PST

Here are all the smoothed out bits of debris close up.

While littering is never a good idea, it kind of makes one wish all rubbish could look this good.

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