This Japanese airport hotel wants to make your pilot dreams come true

Ever hopped off a plane and wondered, as you caught a glimpse of the cockpit, what it might be like in the pilot's seat? 

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu's Superior Cockpit room features the simulator.
Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu's Superior Cockpit room features a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator. Image © 2019 Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

In Japan, one hotel is betting that answer is yes. Starting 18 July, guests at the Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu can sleep over in the Superior Cockpit room, double-occupancy accommodations that come complete with twin beds and, the pièce de ré​sis​tance, a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator. 

flight simulator cockpit hotel room
At this Japanese hotel, you can put in some time in the flight simulator before drifting off to sleep. Image © 2019 Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

The guided, 90-minute experience covers take off from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and landing at Osaka International, and it’s bookable on its own for ¥30,000 (US$277), or in conjunction with an overnight stay for ¥25,300 (US$234) per night. Banish thoughts of marathon, all-night flying sessions, though. You won’t be able to sit in the cockpit or operate the controls without supervision – namely instructors, including a former captain, with working knowledge of the equipment. (When it’s not in use, overnight guests will still be able to take in the scenery through the acrylic that covers the simulator.) 

Flight simulator airport hotel Japan
The hotel is close to the airport, so the flight angle was a natural connection. Image © 2019 Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu

Though the new room was unveiled in celebration of the hotel’s 15th anniversary, the property, which connects directly to the Tokyo airport’s terminal 2, has long been popular with aviation buffs. Its Premier Flyers Room faces the runway, with decor that includes a seat formerly used on international flights, and its client base tends to be travel-oriented. “We wanted to create something very 'airport hotel' for the project,” says a spokesperson for the property. 

According to CNN, the simulator cost around 10 million yen ($92,000), and so far, it seems to like a smart investment. The hotel reports that the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, with domestic and international bookings and inquiries rolling in—and since the room can only be reserved on specific days, it’s filling up quickly. 

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