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Wake up to a new view each day with these stunning miniature houses

Hitting the open road to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the countryside, waking up every day to a new breath-taking vista….or buying a cosy home to call your own. Why should you have to choose? That’s the idea behind Timbercraft Tiny Homes, an Alabama-based company that creates stunning miniature mobile houses that let you take your home on the road.

Timbercraft Tiny Homes are hand-crafted in Alabama.
Timbercraft Tiny Homes are hand-crafted in Alabama. Image by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

With the capability of being fully customised to suit different needs and budgets, the houses are hand-crafted, and can be fitted to fabricated trailers with electric brakes. While the homes offer mobility and freedom, they come complete with necessary comforts such as painted cabinets, butcher block countertops, stainless steel sinks, propane cookers, dry baths and double pane windows.

The houses come in a number of different designs and can be fully customised. Image by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Floor plans and designs can be customised according to the wishes of customers, and popular designs include The Boxcar, a cosy rectangular design with a single porch and miniature windows, The Ridgewood, a larger design with port hole windows and large skylights, and The Denali, a home-away-from-home with a pitched roof and a cosy deck built in.

The cosy kitchen of a Timbercraft Home. Image by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

“I have been in high end custom home building since 1995 and have done custom home design since 2002. When I learned about tiny homes, I really liked the concept and it was the perfect blend for my interests in quality construction and beautiful design. I enjoy designing custom creations and then putting it all together with the beautiful finished product,” Timbercraft Tiny Homes owner founder Doug Schroeder told Lonely Planet Travel News.

Timbercraft founder Doug Schroeder said that his customers love to live simply and have freedom to move around. Image by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

The houses start at $48,000 (€39,100) for an 8 x 20-foot design, with the price increasing according to size, design choice and materials used, and the houses can be delivered across the United States of America.

The houses can be transported, allowing for owners to hit the open road with ease. Image by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

“People love the houses and the interest has been off the charts. I am booked out almost a year right now just on custom builds alone. My customers usually fit into three categories: young people who want to live simply and have freedom, empty nesters who are tired of taking care of a big home, and people who want them as second homes or rentals,” Doug Schroeder said.

More information on Timbercraft Tiny Homes is available at the official website.