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See the USA as an outdoor theme park with this colourful map

There are few countries that manage to be a geographically diverse as the United States. With leafy forests, icy glaciers and dry deserts, it’s a delight for travellers to explore the topographical delights. Now the USA has been colourfully imagined as a theme park with incredible outdoor adventures as attractions.

Is this the greatest theme park on earth? Image by Expedia

The map, created by Expedia, illustrates some of the most stunning natural features and even gives them an exciting theme park name. The tallest peak in the country, Alaska’s Denali, becomes Top of the World while California’s Yosemite National Park with its famous waterfalls is dubbed Splash Valley.

The West Coast section of the theme park. Image by Expedia

For a bit of heat, visitors to the Hawaii area of the US theme park can experience Double Trouble with a visit to two of the world’s most active volcanoes at their national park. When you’re ready to cool down, you’ll find the Ice Cube Adventure at the top the of the West Coast, known to some people as the alpine landscape of Washington’s North Cascades National Park.

Would you dare take on Hawaii’s Double Trouble? Image by Expedia

When you’re ready to head to the East Coast, you’ll find plenty of attractions there too. Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park is renamed Cloud Islands in honour of its misty mountaintops. For those who prefer a little company, why not try Florida’s Crocodile Cruise, a riverside adventure that brings you through the Everglades National Park and up close and personal with the rare species that make it their home.

The East Coast is full of its fair share of attractions. Image by Expedia

So if you’re in the mood for outdoor adventure, why not get inspired to visit nature’s greatest theme park for yourself?