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Switzerland gets its first treetop canopy walkway

Nestled near the Swiss town of St Gallen is a new tourist attraction that is delighting families and nature lovers. A new beautiful treetop walkway in Mogelsberg has been erected, offering people the opportunity to experience the country’s flora and fauna like never before.

The walkway offers visitors breathtaking views. Image by baumwipfelpfad

The new walkway rises up to 50 metres from the forest floor where visitors will be able to gaze along the stunning Necker Valley as far as the sweeping Churfirsten mountain range. The path – 500 metres in length – gently winds its way through the treetops. According to the regional daily, Tagblatt, around 62 tonnes of steel were used to construct the walkway.

Make your way from the forest floor to the treetops. Image by baumwipfelpfad
Tourists will even be able to see the Churfirsten mountain range in the distance. Image by baumwipfelpfad

Family-friendly with wheelchair and pram access, the walk will be open daily until October. Beneath the walkway is a forest playground as well as a barbeque area. Entry for the treetop walk costs 15 Swiss francs (€12.91) for adults and 8 francs (€6.88) for children. Authorities hope that this new project will bring tourists to the area which is often overlooked in favour of larger cities and popular landmarks.

There’s even a play area for kids! Image by baumwipfelpfad

From Mogelsberg, nearby St Gallen is the home of the Abbey of Saint Gall which in 1983 was designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site. It was described as “a perfect example of a great Carolingian monastery.

While it’s a first for Switzerland, it isn’t the first treetop walk in the world. In the Chiang Mai province in Thailand, another walkway showcases the natural beauty of the area with a glass walkway. Based in the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden, the walkway was created back in 2015 and guides visitors through the jungle treetops.